We take a holistic approach to each and every project, employing all the pulling out all the stops to ensure that your project runs smoothand achieves the best results.  

Web Design and Development

The M9 Web Design Corporation specializes in designing, developing, creating and supporting internet websites for our clients. Our corporation is centrally located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and is built on business fundamentals of dependability, reliability and innovation; elements which have allowed us to retain more than 90% of our clients during our company's 15 year history.
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Graphic Design and Desktop Plublishing

Brochures, Logos, Business cards, web banners and more are an integral part of your company brand. My Corporation has oven 16 years of experience designing and marketing companies and bringing together all elements of marketing from your website to your business cards into a unified and professional way.

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Digital and Internet Marketting

Now that you have a website, what do we do next?

The answer is not as simple as you may think, marketing and promotion of a website has many levels.
There are four primary things that Google looks for in improper websites. It is important for us to address these four items to ensure that the front line of your marketing plan using Google organic search is to your best advantage.
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M9 Advantage and Reporting

Reports and analytics goes with the old saying, information is power. If we don't know what people are doing or how many people are coming and what they click on, we're flying blind. Every advertising dollar you spend needs to be justified and quantified with reports and tracking. We can help! 

Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Email Marketing,  Keyword Reports and much more.

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Hosting Services

Website Hosting is an integral part of your website. At M9, we offer professional and solid hosting platform with our dedicated servers. Business hosting and basic hosting begins around $30 a month and goes up from there based on your site requirements. With our higher end hosting we offer cpanel access so you can manage your own email accounts and other essential features of your account.
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